What is Hero Fighter?Edit

Hero Fighter is a fighting beat 'em up game created by Marti Wong, where you can fight computer opponents or even players from around the world with cool and interesting characters. The game also includes story mode, where you can follow the adventure of the Hero Fighter.

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Who are the Hero Fighters?Edit

The Hero Fighters are a group of fighters who heroically serves the Dragon Tribe.

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Is Taylor really cheap?Edit


Taylor using clone and laser

Most people agree.

Even who Taylor is, a magician, gives us a hint that his style of fighting will be cheeky. Unlike most of the other characters who mainly fight physically, Taylor uses the help of magic. No wonder it's cheap. What exactly are his moves

He can shoot very long ranged laser that's almost impossible to block without a special move. Moreover, one shot of laser could duplicate into another one that shoots into another direction. Wow, that must be so strong. But cheap.

Another one is an energy shield that could block anything, beside few special moves like Jenny 's whirlwind. Taylor could also conjure 3 layers of these powerful shields at once. He's technically impervious at this state. Fortunately at least, these shields fade away after a few second, but it's still dangerous.

Taylor also has a healing move which adds quite a great deal of HP to the user. This move's very annoying, but thankfully, it can only be used when his HP is below half.

Arguably the most stressing move of Taylor is clones. He can simply create clones that automatically attack the enemies by themselves. Neat and cheap. Oh well, at least it doesn't survive for really long.

Out of all the cool moves the heros have, Taylor's is probably the cheapest as it's so powerful but requires very little skills to make use of. Obviously, many players use this character and often wins. But some skilled players avoid using him as they claim Taylor 'nooby'. Do you agree?

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